Kino is the nonlinear editor that was used to assemble individual video files and add the fade-outs between each file to create the base video. The video was exported to .flv format (in Kino) and is presented below using FlowPlayer. Kino and FlowPlayer are Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS) tools.

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Disney World Test

This is a composite of videos taken at Disney World with a Canon Digital Elph SD400. The .avi files which the Elph uses for storing the videos were converted to .dv in Kino.

Katy (TX) Independent School District Rodeo

First productions from new Panasonic PV-GS320, 3 CCD DV camcorder. Requires FlashPlayer 9 Update 3 (9.0 r115) or newer. Download FlashPlayer

Bronco Riding (~8 MB)

Steer Wrestling (~6 MB)

DataVideo DAC-200 A/D Converter

I purchased a DataVideo DAC-200 and have been successful in using it with Kino. The following video was captured from Hi8 to DV.

These dolphins (~1.5 MB video) were swimming in the bow wave of the liveaboard dive boat, Ghazala I, off the south coast of the Sinai peninsula.

Video clip of our boat after Ike (843 KB, excerpt from video produced by Brenda Hesse).